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Autism is awesome

Hello, my name is David Snape and welcome to my brand new blog. This is going to be a blog about my experiences with autism, talking about stories from the past and opening up to what’s happening now. I want to make this world a better place and make sure that even with autism, the world isn’t such a scary place and people like us can thrive and be successful.

Thank you so much and I hope you like the blog.

My Latest Posts

  • Are you an emotional judge or an emotional scientist?
    As my mental health knowledge continues to grow, thanks to the ‘How We Feel’ app, during the check ins and going through the emotions 101 videos, there was a very important insight I haven’t explored before. This is all about how we deal our emotions and what is the best way to progress when a […]
  • Enthusiasm
    As I look upon cooking some chicken and egg noodles for myself and my wife tonight, there is one thing that Jo notices about me. It’s whenever I get into something like a game, watching TV or reading a book, it’s how much I get into them and how enthusiastic I am. Just to make […]
  • Love Yourself
    You think about loving other people, mostly friends, family and relationships and keeping on top of them all. By looking after others and managing that, sometimes in the process that what your saying and looking after yourself, goes out of the window. There is nothing wrong about living your life to the full and having […]
  • Life as an autistic man
    Many of you would agree with me that life is very complicated. With so much that you are trying to juggle in your own daily life whilst at the same time, you been feed social media, world news and that appointment you have a 10.30am that coincides with your favourite music quiz on the radio. […]
  • David’s Words of Wisdom: Never Give Up
    With Mental Health being a big factor in our lives, one of my main goals to help improve my overall mental health is finding motivation to keep me going. Keeping myself busy at work is one of those and it focuses the brain to have this important task each day. With bigger motivations for 2023, […]
  • Apps that are a lifesaver
    I very much love technology which are simple, easy to use and has a good purpose as well. With the cost of living crisis, I am also intrigued with new apps coming into the market. Whether it is to save money, reduce food waste or keep fit and healthy, it is that added motivation and […]
  • The Pursuit for Happiness
    We all know that life is one big, gigantic, complicated world, broadcasting 24/7 in our very own solar system. Different countries have different stories, challenges, ways to improve in the future and statistics that may have a worried eye. If this was a news channel, like all news programmes, there will be plenty of bad […]
  • David’s words of wisdom: Learning about yourself
    Hello guys, hope you had a good week 🙂. I wanted to try something out to see how it goes and maybe make it a regular weekend thing. So from my latest post, I talked about mindfulness and how the Calm app has helped me. On that post, there was a useful tool called the […]
  • How mindfulness has helped me
    Imagine this scenario, everything was busy, you had a wonderful life full of opportunities and then covid decided to take over the world. In a way in which Boris Johnson did the famous speech telling the nation to ‘stay at home, to protect the NHS and to save lives.’ Even though there are still news […]
  • My Misson
    My mission is to help understand autism and make sure that I can help others with the same condition and provide positive light into autism.